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The onset of winter needn't bring a seasonal halt to a runner's enthusiasm or routines. Outdoor exercise in the winter can be a pleasurable experience. read more

Read up on the signs of overtraining... the first stage of overtraining may blend with the normal overreaching - a normal part of training where you ride slightly beyond your ability to force your body to adapt and improve. However, a fine line exists between overreaching and overtraining. read more

One of our latest articles is by Martin Barnard, who writes about the benefits of incorporating walking as a training tool to boost your running performance. Runners are willing to try just about anything to get faster, or to somehow get more out of training fartlek, intervals, heart-rate monitors, carbo gels, and even LSD (the running kind, that is). read more

We have added a number of articles that are focusing on training, preparation for and how to race 5K.

Dr. Philip Maffetone recently updated his popular article on aerobic training. This is what he has to say;

Traditionally, it is thought that only anaerobic training - speed work - builds speed. However, developing the aerobic system first, before attempting hard work, is ideal: you get faster without the wear and tear - and injury - that often accompanies anaerobic training. Using a heart rate monitor, a basic biofeedback device, makes it even easier. read more

I have to say, a couple of months ago I broke down and bought a new treadmill. It was the dead of winter and I need a way to get my running in without killing my lungs. I was a little skeptical on what one to buy and this treadmill review site helped me make my decision. They had some nice reviews that really helped me. read more

Whether you want to change by shedding a few pounds or you just want to feel good about yourself, then here's a way that, if you follow it, you may end up on the wellness road to a new life. What I'm talking about is Heart Zone Training, the best approach to all-around fitness I've found. read more

Treadmill exercising is proven to be one of the most efficient means of getting in shape and losing weight. The mass appeal of exercising on a treadmill is anyone can do it. The only skills you need are the ability to walk or run. If you can stand up on your two feet then you can exercise on a treadmill. But that doesn't mean that everyone is using their treadmill correctly, or that they are working out efficiently. read more

The huge number of running shoes available can make choosing the best shoes a rather daunting task for the novice as well as for the more experienced runners. The following tips will simplify the process of finding you the pair of running shoes that you need. read more

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